Eligibility Requirements

 Application Qualifications

1. Graduates from high school or higher institutes (educated for at least 12 years) who have the ambition to learn.

2. People under the age of 26.

 Application Periods

April Students (2-year Course)Applications accepted between September 01 and November 10
July Students (1.9-year Course)Applications accepted between December 1 and February 20
October Students (1.6-year Course)Applications accepted between March 01 and May 10

 Application Documents

Documents to be submitted by applicantsDownloadDocuments to be submitted by financial guarantorsDownload
1:Application form (format prescribed by the Kohwa Institute of Japanese Language)
1:Financial guarantor form (format prescribed by the Kohwa Institute of Japanese Language)

2:Resume (format prescribed by the Kohwa Institute of Japanese Language)2:Certificate of bank balance (Japanese yen or US dollars)
3:Reason for applying (clarifying the need for learning Japanese)3:Certificate of employment (copy of company registrations)______
4:Graduation certificate (applicants scheduled to graduate in the future to submit a certificate issued by the school of residence)______4:Certificate of income (annual income for three or more years)______
5: Certificate of Japanese studying history (clarifying the period or amount of hours studied -> 150 or more hours)______5: Tax payment (declaration) certificate (company president)______
6: Eight photographs (4-inch (L) x 3-inch (W) taken within the last six months)______6: Family register or identification certificate (current details to be the same as the applicant)______
7: Notarized certificate of relationship (clarifying the relationship with the financial guarantor)______7: Corporate business permit (company president or executive)______
8:Copy of certificates of permanent residence and residence identification card (current details to be the same as the applicant)______8: Written pledge (format prescribed by the Kohwa Institute of Japanese Language)______
9: Eight photos (4cm in height x 3cm in width)______

 Entrance Procedures

The prescribed fees are to be paid within ten days of receiving the acceptance notice and all documentation pertaining to the Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status, the school admission permit and entering the school received.

 School Fees

CourseEntranceScreening Fee Entrance FeeTuition FeeMaterial FeeEquipment FeeTotal
2-year Course1st YearApril¥22,000¥55,000¥607,200¥59,400¥39,600¥783,200
2nd Year¥607,200¥59,400¥39,600¥706,200
1.9-year Course1st YearJuly¥22,000¥55,000¥607,200¥59,400¥39,600¥783,200
2nd Year¥455,400¥44,550¥29,700¥529,650
1.6-year Course1st YearOctober¥22,000¥55,000¥607,200¥59,400¥39,600¥783,200
2nd Year¥303,600¥29,700¥19,800¥353,100